What Makes Aire-Master one of the Best Franchises to Own?

Aire-Master service rep with branded vehicle

Just a few of the things that make Aire-Master one of the best franchise opportunities available:

  • Great people
  • Great customers
  • Great products
  • Great business model
  • Great value

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    Aire-Master franchisees

    Great People

    We have such wonderful people in our system — Aire-Master franchisees are awesome! They work together, help each other, and communicate constantly. We facilitate that communication by holding monthly teleconferences, annual regional meetings, an annual conference, and an online discussion forum. There is friendly competition (for growth awards) among the franchises, along with a ton of teamwork and support!

    Businesses with graph of customer types

    Great Customers

    One of Aire-Master’s strengths is the diversity of our customer base. Our sales don’t hinge on the ups and downs of a single industry or narrow market. Aire-Master provides services to businesses — scent marketing, odor control, hand soaps, cleaning products, and paper supplies. Virtually any business or public facility is a potential customer: 

    • Food service
    • Retail stores
    • Apartment / property management
    • Health care
    • Hotels & casinos
    • Automotive
    • Fitness & recreation
    • Daycares
    • Schools & universities
    • Airports
    • And many more!

    Aire-Master manufacturing

    Great Products

    Many of our competitors use the same products — they have nothing unique to offer. Aire-Master is an FDA registered manufacturer; we make our own core products that we use in our service. These products include diffuser fragrance oils, deodorants for airborne and surface odors, hand soaps and sanitizers, and cleaners. These core products are sold exclusively through our franchise system.

    Aire-Master service rep placing fragrance in dispenser

    Great Business Model

    Aire-Master provides services to other businesses. You’ll go directly to your customers and sign them up. You will typically service each customer every 14 or 28 days. You don’t have to depend on costly advertising to drive traffic to your door, wondering if you’ll get any sales today. Our repeat-business model lets you know what your sales will be every week, based on scheduled service.

    Aire-Master service rep in vehicle, 60th anniversary badge

    Great Value

    Aire-Master is one of the best low cost franchises you’ll find. This is a service business, so you won’t have to open an expensive store location. All you need to get started is a suitable vehicle, a storage area for supplies, a computer, and a small office space. Other than your franchise fee and initial product order, you’ll just have the normal expenses like insurance, business license, etc. Our monthly royalty fee is only 5%, and it gets lower as your sales reach higher levels.

    Longevity and Stability

    Aire-Master has weathered slow economies and outlasted competitors for over 60 years, so we intend to be around for a long time to come. 

    Let’s Talk

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