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Aire-Master D1000 Deodorizer

Aire-Master provides excellent services and great products to businesses, hospitals, and other public facilities. These services and products include:

Scent Marketing

We use the power of scent to help our customers enhance the experience of their brand. We can match a customer’s indoor environment with a fragrance from one of eight themes: Calming, Exotic, Fresh, Fun, Inviting, Romantic, Uplifting, Welcoming.

Odor Control

We eliminate bad odors and leave facilities smelling great! We do this by installing a deodorizer appropriate for the space. Every 7, 14, or 28 days, we return and replace the deodorant inside the unit. The customer doesn’t have to do anything – we provide the equipment and service it.

Hand Care

We provide soaps and hand sanitizers for customers and their employees. We keep the dispensers working and filled with soap.


We supply exceptional cleaning products that make their work easier and save them money.


We provide quality paper towels and tissues so our customers never run out.

Fly Control

We make fly problems manageable with safe and effective trapping systems.

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Diverse Customer Base

Aire-Master’s core services make almost any business a potential customer. We are not dependent on a single industry or narrow market. Our customers include hotels, restaurants, retail stores, health care facilities, apartment buildings, service businesses, fitness & recreation centers, and many more!

Aire-Master customers
Repeat Business


Aire-Master has a route-service business model. We service our customers every 7, 14, or 28 days. This kind of repeat business is one of our main strengths. Unlike a retail business that depends on advertising to bring customers through the door, we go directly to our customers.

Instead of never knowing what your sales are going to be next month, you know exactly how many customers you’re going to service and how much money you’ll make at each stop.

The Scent Marketing Experts

Scent makes a powerful impression on the brain almost immediately. Its ability to trigger memories is the quickest of all the senses. Savvy retailers depend on scent marketing to enhance a positive brand experience for their customers. The same is also true for many hotels, eateries, and healthcare industries, just to name a few. Aire-Master has been providing scent marketing services for many years, and nobody does it better!

Sense of smell

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